16 -10 - 2017 Announcements

Our Website

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Our website Comme ça has officially launched!

We are excited to welcome you all to our new (online) home!

To showcase our portfolio chose weddings that stood out for us this past season, but also some of our all time favorites from previous years that we simply couldn’t leave out!

You will find a collection of photographs and other events, charting our fifteen-year course, in the categories entitled ‘Floral Design’ as well as ‘Wedding and Event Decoration’, both of which will be frequently updated

Finally, our blog will consist of categories such as ‘Bridal Bouquets’, ‘Accessories’ and ‘Colour Palettes’ among others, ideal for every bride-to-be looking for something special! With your permission,in a very short time we will have completed and updated them all!

We hope that you enjoy your stay, exploring our blossoming world and if you have any doubts or questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!


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