Floral Design

If flowers stand as a key ingredient to a dreamy wedding or a special event, then Comme ça has the way to create settings that will remain forever etched in your memories.

When Ioulietta undertakes the floral design of an event, the magic aura of the flowers fascinates you from the first meeting with her. Whether that be the rare flowers or the arrangements that are unlike the clichés you have seen before, flirting instead with an avant-garde aesthetic, or the unique displays that are more reminiscent of a magazine editorial, nothing seizes to amaze you and all reveal that when floristry is infused with life, it is transformed into an art form.

The flower arrangements are created in floral designer’s personal workshop from imported flowers that are often rare to find. Holland, Thailand, Ecuador and Italy are just a few of the countries from which Comme ça is supplied high quality and exquisite flowers that stand out for their beauty, uniqueness and freshness.

Vases and handmade structures, finest quality fabrics, fresh or dried fruits, natural materials and items with a unique style set the scene, but it is Comme ça’s professionalism and high aesthetics that take centre stage.

8 steps before the "Big Day"

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