Wedding & Event Decoration

When concerning the decoration of an event that escapes that of weddings and parties, but instead refers to professional events or artistic gatherings, Comme ça aims for success and through thematic settings creates unforgettable experiences.

A company’s award ceremony, a products launch celebration or an art exhibition? Whatever the occasion for the event, Ioulietta dresses the spaces beautifully using flower arrangements that mirror the style and ambience of the event, decorating each scene with furniture and objects that adhere to the same philosophy, perfectly transforming the environment around her.

Comme ça’s aim is for each event to be decorated in such a way that every detail, from the entrance and the backdrops, to the placing of the welcome tables and photo booths, must be in harmony and in sync with the occasion.

Authentic and unique, the events are based on highly aesthetic concepts, adorned with the most appropriate decorative elements that evoke the emotions of each guest, making them feel deeply connected to the nature of the event. Just one colour can cause the subconscious mind to think of the logo of a company. Even the appropriate art de la table can build the right bases upon which business relations can be built.

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