My flowery story

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them”

said Henri Matisse, and I am truly lucky enough to see them and be surrounded by them every single day!

My name is Ioulietta and the truth is that I do live up to my name, being a romantic myself, with a passion for perfection, an eye for every single detail and a strong and positive attitude.

My relationship with flowers began when an experienced and talented florist, Nikos, entered my life. A wonderful mentor and a dear friend, he introduced me to the mesmerizing world of flowers. He was the one who recognized my creativity and urged me to open my own brand, Comme ça in 2003, which became the reference point in the industry of flower and wedding design.

The knowledge I gained, along with my previous experience as an interior designer led me to perfect the art of planning and designing floral creations for weddings and events, with a distinctive touch and timeless aesthetic.


I love flowers for their beauty is impressive and ephemeral. When I am not in my workshop, surrounded by handmade constructions, work tools, leaves and rosepetals, I like to make little escapes in the forest and be surrounded by nature; a constant source of inspiration.

I create flower arrangements and design spaces not on the bases of the norms of time or trends, but on the stories that each couple and host wish to tell.

Because every couple is unique, just like every flower.

Comme ça is a part of me, created out of a genuine passion for flowers. It keeps me engaged with everything that nature has to offer, combining different materials, colors and textures. It constantly challenges me to meet and exceed any demanding project, no event too big, no detail too small.

But first and foremost Comme ça allows me to take each couple to a creative journey and turn their dream wedding to a reality. Together we built a once in a lifetime moments.

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