8 steps before the “Big Day”


The first contact to be made with those interested takes place either at Comme ça’s main office or at the work place of the event planner. In the case that those interested live abroad or in another city, then the use of Skype, emails and phone calls is acceptable and should suffice.

At the first meeting with the couple or the hosts of the given event, the description of the event’s concept, setting the date and an exploration of their personal preferences will all trigger a design plan for a bespoke flower arrangement.


Next, a detailed proposal is to be drawn up and presented including a projection of images showing possible flower options, the possibility of sampling flower combinations and the choice of materials – all of which lead to a choice of the desirable budget from the client.


The next vital step is to confirm the final course of action, including the possibility for alterations to be made to the plan up to one month prior to the event.


A few days before the event, the flowers arrive in Greece, either by air or road, and are then carefully stored at Comme ça’s workshop, enclosed and safely kept in the ideal temperature and storage conditions.


One day prior to the event, the flower arrangements are prepared whilst the production team assembles the equipment and tends to all the finishing touches.


The day of the event arrives and the flower arrangements are packed up for delivery. The safe transportation of the flowers and their placement within the designated space where the event will take place is arranged by Comme ça’s own transport fleet.


Ioulietta personally looks out for the ideal arrangement of the flowers within the space in accordance to the timeline that has been mapped out by the client or the event planner. Due to her perfectionist nature, in the case of a wedding she often chooses to deliver the bridal bouquet to the groom herself before the ceremony commences.


Nothing gets thrown out! At the end of the event, a specialized team undertakes the task of collecting the remaining flowers; these are then delivered to the hosts of the event to decorate their own personal spaces.

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