Hello, I am Ioulietta

My name is Ioulietta and the truth is that I do live up to my name, being a romantic myself, with a passion for perfection, an eye for every single detail and a strong and positive attitude.

Comme ça is a part of me, created out of a genuine passion for flowers. It keeps me engaged with everything that nature has to offer, combining different materials, colors and textures. It constantly challenges me to meet and exceed any demanding project, no event too big, no detail too small.

Floral Design

When Ioulietta undertakes the floral design of an event, the magic aura of the flowers fascinates you from the first meeting with her.

Whether that be the rare flowers or the arrangements that are unlike the clichés you have seen before, flirting instead with an avant-garde aesthetic, or the unique displays that are more reminiscent of a magazine editorial, nothing seizes to amaze you and all reveal that when floristry is infused with life, it is transformed into an art form.

Wedding & Event Decoration

From a romantic chapel in the middle of an uninhabited island to the endless grounds of a private estate and golden sand beaches, every space represents itself as a new decorative challenge for Ioulietta.

For those who cannot imagine yet another typical wedding, but dream of a space decorated with effortless charm and elegance, unique pieces of furniture and harmonious combinations, Comme ça proves how a ceremony can be met with both the casual unpretentiousness of a party and the expertise of an interior designer.

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